New Aroma Oil

Mar 20, 2022

Name: HT2167 Westin

Type: Pure essential oil

Key note: Tea

Fragrance: Floral Green

Top Notes: Mint, Orange, Bergamot, Tea 

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Oakmoss, Amber

Base Notes: Musk, White Pepper

Processing technology: Synthesis

Certification: MSDS

Packaging option: 500ml, 1000ml ,5L,

oil demo package (40 types, 5ml/type)

Application:  Aroma diffuser

Fragrance description: 

Mainly tea fragrance, exudes a fresh and pure natural aroma, the top note shows the balance and nature of mugwort plants, the middle note is refreshing white tea, and the base note is white pepper, musk and other warm notes, elegant and capable simple attitude .

Plant extract aroma brings the smell of nature. 

Mint smell is cool and refreshing, makes people mind invigorated. 

Tea makes people feel like they are in it. 

Jasmine relieves depressed mood and invigorates the spirit. 

Musk reduces fatigue and makes people more awake. 

When people are sad or tired, this fragrance will make you feel comfortable and relax.

westin aroma oil.jpg

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