​Promotion of Q series scent machine

May 01, 2022

Model no: Q3000 HVAC Scent Machine 

Dimension: 241*112*357(mm)

N.W.: 4.9KG

Noise: ≦47db

Material: Metal

Capacity: 1000ml

Coverage: 3000m³

Oil consumption:2.6ml/h±5%

Voltage/Power: DC12V-1A/9W

MOQ: 4 units

On sale price: *** USD

Model no: Q5000 HVAC connect Commercial Scent Diffuser

Dimension: 315*132*357(mm)

N.W.: 7.05KG

Noise: ≦49db

Material: Metal

Capacity: 1000ml

Coverage: 5000m³

Oil consumption:4.3ml/h±5%

Voltage/Power: DC12V-1A/16W

MOQ: 3 units

On sale price: *** USD


  • With plug-in atomizer, more convenient to maintain and refill oil.

  • Optional Bluetooth/WIFI control.

  • Touch-screen with a clear and gorgeous display.

  • Available to connect central air conditioning.

  • Save essential oil consumption and improve scent diffusion effect.

  • Innovative atomization technology allows the aroma to quickly diffuse throughout the space.

Q series scent machine

scent machine

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